tirsdag 7. mai 2013

Trip to Hamburg 2013

Thursday, 18.04
This day was used to start writing the reports. Our group worked very well with the corresponding energy group in Hamburg. We finished our tasks and used good time to write about what we had experienced the day before, both when it comes to the experience and when it comes to learning. This day was also used for another excursion. On the agenda today, was the large port in Hamburg. Hamburg has one of the largest ports in the world. It was very cool and stylish to see how this great port was driven and how everything was organized. Tens of thousands of containers were stacked and placed in different sections. The containers, all coming from different parts of the world, showed us how enormous this port is.
In the evening we all went to a cozy restaurant where most of us got to taste the German specialty, Currywurst.
A small part of the port in Hamburg
Trip to Hamburg 2013

Wednesday 17.04
This was our first excursion. The Energy Group and the waste group traveled by bus out to a waste incineration plant and a biogas plant. There we were met by a guy who told us about the general waste combustion in Hamburg and how this system worked. It was very interesting and exciting to see how it worked.
After a short tour around the plant came another man who told us about biogas and how the process of biogas works. It was also this time a tour around the biogas plant. Despite the extremely bad smell, it was fun and exciting. New experiences and new information!

At the waste incineration plant and the biogas plant. Photo: Hjalmar, Johannes and Vegard.
Photograph: Riad

Trip to Hamburg 2013

Tuesday, 16.04
12 o'clock we arrived Hamburg city. Martina, the German teacher was meeting us at the airport. She seemed very nice and after some talking we traveled to Heinrich Hertz-Schule to meet the German students that we were going to spend the next 10 days with.
As soon as we arrived and met them, every student, both Norwegians and Germans had to present themselves.

We then met our partners
and then we went down to the cafeteria for lunch. After a couple of hours at school, we went home to our host families.

onsdag 13. februar 2013

Trip to BIR

Trip to BIR

This week has been one of the best Green Living weeks since the start of the project. This is mainly because of the exciting trip to the local waste managing station run by the company BIR. This station is located in the southern parts of Bergen, in an area called Fana. You can see this majestic place from a long distance because of the huge pipes outside the station.

The visit to this station started with a small lecture about how the station is being run and a little part including some facts about how much people from Bergen produces waste. We also got to know how this building creates enough energy to supply many house holdings in Bergen with heating.

The way they creates energy is as simple as burning waste and use the heating to warm up water and then sending the water to house holdings and creating heating. What makes this station as important as it is, is the fact that it is a very green way to produce energy. All the environmental treats are taken care off and can be shipped either to other places in Norway or abroad.

To sum up, the trip to BIR was a very fun and educational way of studying.

Johannes, Hjalmar, Riad and Vegard

tirsdag 6. november 2012

Hey guys!

Today, we have gotten guidance by Christiane (our teacher), and she told us a bit more specific about the project Green Living. We were given the task to write about our topic question and investigate what goals the politicians have for the future. We have searched a bit more about our topic question and found out what goals the government has for Norway, but also for Bergen city.

fredag 19. oktober 2012

Hello readers!

This is Didrik blogging. Yesterday we put together our German presentations into one document, and we are hoping that you'll be able to read them soon. I must apologize for any bad German since it's my third language and I'm not that fluent in it. I hope my fellow members of the group did better than I did. Anyways we should get back to English soon so I'm gonna call it a day and get back to work

onsdag 17. oktober 2012

Who is BHG Flower Power?

Hey readers! My name is Hjalmar, and I am 15 year old. In my spare time do I play a lot of guitar and football. I hope you enjoy our blog and keep reading it all the time! we love you all. Sincerely Hjalmar!

Heey peepz! My name is Riad aka Dizzy, and I am 16 years old. I like to work out and play football in my spare time. I hope you enjoy reading our blog! I'm looking forward to meet you!

Heeey guys! How are you? Welcome to our blog. I hope you find this blog interesting and that you will read it every day. My name is Johannes and I live in Bergen. My life consists of playing football, piano and hanging out with my friends.

Hello dear reader! I am Didrik, and I'm 16 years old. I am a really big music lover, and I sing whenever I feel it's appropriate. I also train karate. I hope you get inspired to do something to help the environment because of this blog.